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Classic Land Rover Restoration

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From clapped out to concourse we will
bring back the glory, no matter how faded.

We can carry out full restoration on all models of Series, Defender and Range Rover back to it original factory specification, in most cases to concourse condition.

Our attention to detail extends to the use of the correct fasteners and fixing, which is where many other restorers let the job down non-standard bolts and rivets.

We are happy to complete your unfinished projects and restorations. We can also source the hard to find Land Rover parts.

Land Rover Chassis swop.

A galvanised chassis is a solid foundation for your vehicle

It’s a sad fact that your Land Rovers chassis is rotting from the minute it leaves the factory and one day it will be unable to be repaired by just welding alone. There is a solution which will put the life back into your Land Rover and take away the worry at MOT time without expensive chassis re-pairs.

Galvanised chassis have been round for the last 15 years or so, and there are many different ways of doing the process. We prefer to lift the body off as a whole. This makes the task more time effective and saves you money. We have changed a great number of chassis over the years, we pride ourselves on doing the best job possible and we are passionate about the task.

1955 86in Series One Station Wagon (First Overland)


This restoration was not your usual Series One. It was special. This vehicle had travelled half way round the world and back, and is one of the most famous Land Rovers of all time. Many people’s first ever encounter with a Land Rover was with ‘Oxford’ on its journey from London to Singapore, on the 1955-6 ‘First Overland Expedition’ by students from Oxford and Cambridge universities.

On its second trip it went to Ascension Island on a bird surveying mission. Once the students had finished, it was sold off locally on the island as it was not worth the Rover company shipping it back. After many years of service it fell into disrepair and was broken up and stacked. Many years passed until it was rediscovered by a journalist in the 1990’s but at the time it was too costly to bring Oxford home. Fast-forward to 2017 and a keen businessman hears the legend and decides to retrieve Oxford himself.

The dismantled Land Rover was put into a container and landed in the UK in May, and we were asked to perform the restoration. The owner wanted to retain as much of the original car as possible, and preserve the distinctive patina that proves its years of hard work.

We restored it with a new chassis and bulkhead as the originals were sadly unsalvageable. Recondition axles, transmission and engine then followed. Any missing pieces of kit and equipment were sourced, or replicas were commissioned. Every part of this vehicle we carefully bought back to life.

Bringing life back to a classic Range Rover

Range Rover Classic

This very early Range Rover Classic (suffix A) was an abandoned restoration. The body was already restored, but the chassis and running gear were ‘as found’.

We took the body off and stored it on a custom jig which meant we could strip the chassis and restore the mechanicals without damaging the body.
We shot-blasted the chassis, repaired the rot and repaired the rear spring hangers. We then etch-primed and primed the chassis, finishing it in 2k satin black. Next, the axles were stripped and rebuilt with new bearings and brakes, and we 2k painted the axle casings and radius arms to match the chassis.

Only Genuine parts were used for re-bushing the chassis, and we even went to the trouble of painting the shocks blue, as this was the colour of the originals when they left the factory in 1971.

We had the engine stripped, cleaned and fully rebuilt locally, along with the gearbox which was taken apart, inspected and carefully rebuilt. We then reassembled the chassis with new fixings and refitted the body on new mounts. Finally, we recommissioned the whole vehicle and sent it off for a successful MoT.